What a Sod Cutter is used For, and How It Works

When it comes to clearing grass properly, a sod cutter is always a good thing to have. But what is a sod cutter? A sod cutter is a machine designed to remove grass from a lawn without damaging the roots or soil attached. It is a tool generally uses to produce sod for professional landscaping services, but can be used by home owners as well. They are quite simple in design and are not difficult to operate.

Sod cutters mostly have adjustable blades under the machine so as to lift the strip away after each slice. It’s usually meant to clear grass and weeds so as transplant in new areas.

The types of sod cutter

There are different types of sod cutters and they all cut grass essentially. Sod cutters come in manual or gas powered models. Manual sod cutters operate by pushing a crossbar with your foot to force the blade into the soil. As the blade cuts through the grass, tip the cutter to level it, push it forward and repeat. Manual sod cutters are quite tedious to use and may even get stuck if not properly lubricated. Since gas powered sod cutters are powered by an engine, they don’t require as much labor and stress compared to the manual sod cutter. The engine makes the cutting blade move swiftly, making the job much easier. However, its engine can be overwhelming and may be difficult to control because of its movements.

What you must know about sod cutter

It doesn’t really matter how much sod there is, selecting the right equipment for the job will make things easier and relieve stress. The removed sod can be transferred to other areas to make it look more attractive and healthy. The distance you walk with both manual and gas-powered sod cutters will determine the length of the strip that is cut.  Ensure that the soil is watered prior to cutting to ensure the blades have some traction. Sod cutter wheels may be hard to maneuver on dry soil.

Why you need the sod cutter

It’s important that users read and understand the sod cutter manufacturer’s safety instructions before use. Wear eye protection at all times when operating a sod cutter and wear a hairnet to avoid getting small debris in your hair. Avoid wearing open-toe shoes and avoid wearing loose clothing or untied laces that may get caught up in the cutter’s moving parts. When using a gas-powered sod cutter, keep pets and other people are a minimum distance of 30 feet from the machine at all times.