Why Lawns Need Aeration, And How Often It Should Be Done

You have an opportunity to transform your lawn into a beautiful and attractive part of your house exterior with the help of a lawn care company. There are many lawn care companies around, not all of them have the required tools to do the job. Some of the companies are out to make the money, with little or no care for customer satisfaction. That is what made it necessary that you pay attention to the company you hire for your lawn care. One aspect of lawn care and maintenance you should know is the aeration. You need to find out why and how to go about this.

How to get a thicker and healthier lawn

You have the opportunity to change your lawn into a beautiful and attractive spot in your home. What you need to achieve this are regular and simple maintenance tasks. You need this thing to make your lawn thicker and healthier. Lawn maintenance is done regularly, but aeration is what you do once or twice a day. It is an annual task you need to do to relieve compaction of the soil and enhance grass growth. For your lawn to benefit from this service, it must be done timely and the right way.

Why you should aerate your lawn

For grass to grow well and healthy, the root needs adequate air, nutrient, and water. Providing your lawn with adequate air, you will be sure of thicker and healthier green grass. The compact soil normally stops the nutrients, air, and water flow to the grass root, making it difficult for the lawn to look good. The solution to this is simple aeration

When to carry out aeration in your lawn

You may not know the presence of compact soil in your lawn, but you should know that it does happen more often than you expected. The compact oil in your lawn is caused by heavy machines or vehicles driven on your lawn. Kids, pets, and other outdoor entertainers can also be offenders when it comes to compact soil. That is why you should carry out the tasks regularly annually.

How to carry out aeration in your lawn

There are different ways to aerate your lawn. Some of these ways you need to know include:

  • Slicing aerator
  • Spike Aerators
  • Coe or Plug Aerators.

With the above, you will be sure of getting the best lawn care, for thicker and healthier lawn.